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What should I write for NaNoWriM 

2 deviants said Gabriel and the Witches Black Book (sequle to my first book)
1 deviant said Shipwreched (my sci-fi story with Donald)
1 deviant said Living in Moonlight (a werewolf story which runs parallel to my book)


Commission me

If you would like something special made
I'm easy to reach here or at my web-sight.
for as little as:
$1.00 for simple drawings and Photoshop edits to
$10.00 for more complex pieces.
for details visit me at


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Jeremy Burner
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Art, writing, Creatures, Video games,and God...not really in that order but ya that's just about it for me. I'm also 26 years old and a published Author attending the last few months of college before graduation.

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:la: Im so excited my book is now writen and Ive already got a cover design. More big news, just managed to get a hold of my editor yesterday, and as excited as he is about the new book, he made it very clear to me that I have a lot of work to do. National Novel Writing Month is only two months away and If I hope to start on my next novle in time to participate I am going to have to really nuckle down. Still not decided on which book I want to work on for the compitition but Im leaning more towards my sci-fi story. One way or another my priority right now is to finish The Dragon and The Onion Girl.
   The Queen by Jereth-Bane         Don 2.0 by Jereth-Bane        A long way from human by Jereth-Bane        Don's Transformation by Jereth-Bane

The Changes to expect In The Dragon and The Onion Girl:
Amung the most dramatic changes comming is to chapter ones structure and pacing. That should take me a bit as is. Next is my anatagonist, he is getting changed. I have also gotten a lot of sincere feedback from people telling me that most of the story Greta tells in chapter 2 comes off as a little preachy, so another big focus is cutting it down and making it seam a little less out of left feild. Probobly one of the hardest things im likly going to have to do however is a cut chapter 6 and merge it with chapter 7. Still talking this over with my editor but Im willing to make sacrifices for the story. One of the less hard things we are going to do is flush out and take care of all the lose ends I didnt resolve by the end of the last chapter. We found at least 9 big ones.
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So I'm finished with the outline for the next chapter and I've started writing. should be done in a day or two. Also I made another comic. ^^; unfortunately I'm out of state due to a summer job and do not have access to my compute so I am unable to edit it properly for upload... then again there is that program that DA grants access too for free which might be worth checking out... Nope that didn't work -_-
Its done guys. XD Its finaly. done. Chapter 9 is written. Because I took so long getting this one out ill just post it now and edit it tomorrow but my goodness it feel good to get that one out of my system. :aww: thank you everyone for being so patient. btw. I have also made some big changes to chapter 8 so if you want to see what's different be sure to go back and read it again. Now that I think about it I probably need to update all of them as I have been cleaning them up for a while.
 Sadly school is not agreeing with my social life right now. If I could just get an hour of freedom tomorrow then its possible I could finish the next chapter but its not looking good with the amount of work that got dumped on me today. I have just finished a rough sketch of the young warrior Sprite. Might have that up later tonight.
:XD: School just keeps getting in the way, I barely managed to spend a half hour yesterday working on chapter 9. Only got seven pages written. Not bad but still a long ways to go from finished. I will try to have this thing done before Monday. :happybounce:
Chapter 8: will be finished tomorrow. 2/10/16
Chapter 9: should be out by the following week
Only 2 chapters left after that.


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I was just curious if you had any storys to go along with what you draw. :aww: most of your work would make for a striking naritive. 
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Dude :aww: your work is amazing, Its because of artists like you that I can mange to find my own inspiration as well as keep striving to improve my own craft.
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